The New Year and the New Habits

22 Oct

It seems the New Year has brought with it a desire to change some habits. Both lifestyle and food-style!

Recent Accomplishments:

1.No Caffeine after Noon – In fact, I now CANNOT have caffeine after lunch – because I’m up til 1am or later in the evenings. I slip sometimes, but always regret it. I resolve to be more cognizant of what I’m putting in my body and how it will affect me later!

2.DO something every day – even it it’s just a walk. I was walking every morning until I went to Vegas for PubCon and came back with a HORRIBLE head and chest cold. As soon as that went away my back was terribly out of place and I spent a few weeks on drugs and in the chiropractor’s office – then all of a sudden it was Christmas – how did that happen?

Recent Decisions:

1.Eat better – Today is Sunday and we’re back to school and work next week. I’m going to do week-in-a-day food prep so dinner on the table will be quick and easy for the rest of the week. I’m also going to do some things to help throw lunches and breakfast together faster. Bagging frozen fruit individually so I can make a smoothie on the fly and hard-boiling some eggs.

2.Exercise MORE – Todd wants to do P90x – I’m terrified – so I might start with Wii Fit and a walk 5-days a week.

3.Shop less & Spend Less – along with a body/mind overhaul – I’m resolving to spend less each week on things I don’t really need.

No more lunch out, less eating out (which the planned & cooked for menu will definitely help,)

no new clothes unless I’m buying them because the ones I have DON’T FIT!

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