Back to School (and Work) Lunches

24 Oct

I’ve been writing and testing dozens of new back-to-school recipes for the past couple of weeks, and ironically, neglecting my own lunch in the process.

That all changed this afternoon when I spied in my box of cookbooks (we’re still unpacking boxes at the new house) 400 Best Sandwich Recipes by the amazing Alison Lewis of Ingredients, Inc. Alison and I met (virtually) while developing recipes for a mutual freelance client, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

  The minute I saw Alison’s book peeking over the top of the half-unpacked moving box, I knew it was time to get the heck out of my lunch rut and make myself something {wicked} good. I was craving vegetables (I’m sure because one had not touched my lips in days) and found the perfect inspiration in her Roasted Vegetable Wrap.

I didn’t have all of the exact ingredients on hand, but was able to substitute with the organic vegetables hanging out in the crisper. That’s the beauty of a sandwich (and probably why we love them) — sandwiches are so easy going. I also used flat bread instead of a tortilla wrap. The poor thing got left in the oven one minute too long and crisped right up. Despite, it was still just as delicious and exactly what I needed.

You can read Alison’s original Roasted Vegetable Wrap recipe on her web site. And if you need to wing it one day, I’m proof that works, too.

I’ll never know how she managed to write and test 400+ sandwich recipes for her book, but I’m sure glad she did. Now no one has an excuse for a boring or uninspired back-to-school or back-to-work lunch.

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