Why Kebab is Better Than McDonald’s

28 Oct

Have you ever been to McDonalds? How about a kebab restaurant? McDonald’s is the place where kids are usually taken first time they go eating out with their parents. Some time ago my parents told me when I was kid they tried to postpone our trip to McDonald’s as much as possible. Then, when we finally went to McDonalds, I got addicted. This probably has happened to you, too. But then, on the later date, we were introduced to something else… and this something was kebab.

Since then, kebab has always been close to our hearts, right? This raises a question: why. The taste is obviously number one but what if we dwell a little deeper and research. I think not supporting multinational, immensely rich corporation must be amongst the top reasons. McDonald’s has a shitloads of money already and it operates succesfully in many countries so why not to support your local kebab? They probably need money more than McDonald’s and are pleased to have you as their loyal customer.

Supporting your local kebab is good for employing people. Human mind tends to go dull if you don’t do anything and having a job is good at preventing from becoming dull. McDonald’s can also employ you but you have probably heard about McJob, “a low-paying job that requires little skill and provides little opportunity for advancement”, a term from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

When you go to McDonald’s do you think the meals are good for you? They are not, and kebab is healthier than McDonald’s to some extent. McDonald’s clever tactic is to serve soft drink – one of the worst health offenders – with every meal. They get the money and you get heaps of sugar. Deep fried, heavily salted french fries are usually served along and with only one buck you get larger size. In kebab restaurants, however, soft drinks and kebab is sold separately and it’s so much easier to choose water for drink. Kebab with salad (no bread or french fries) is a real choice, while going to McDonald’s for a salad is like going to a whore for a hug.

Chicken McNuggets are one of the most popular items in the McDonald’s menu. I’ve tasted them and they were not bad until I saw picture of pink goop they are made of. Chickens are turned into that goop so that sophisticated nuggets can be created and served to the customers. I think the pink stuff looks gross! The rotating meat spit you see in the above photo looks OK and at least it wont be soaked in ammonia. Pick a kebab, not the Pink Panther nugget!

As a kid I was very excited about toys that were included in Happy Meals. Looking back, I was a victim of McDonald’s unethical marketing strategy. Kids love toys so what is better way to lure them in than offering those widgets for free. Now, how many kebab restaurants do this? I’ve not seen any. I think that targeting children in a such way is wrong and overly selfish.

Remember when your mom cooks your favourite food? She knows what you like and talks nice things to you. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing and you can smell good aromas floating from the stew. I call this food with love. McDonald’s, on the other hand, does not have such things. I almost call it “food with hate”. Order, eat quickly and get out. Grunts. Kebab places usually don’t have mom cooking either but they surely feel more nice and cosy!

This is why I think kebab is better than McDonald’s! Sometimes I opt for a hamburger but it happens rarely. Kebab is the number one choice. Or maybe I missed a point somewhere or am totally lost? I’d appreciate if you could tell me in the comment sections below!


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