Wife Cake Tastes Pretty Good

12 Dec

I have learned to become a pretty good cook and baker since going vegan because with many food items if we do not make it ourselves we simply cannot have it. So of course I have been trying out cake recipes till I found one that would triumph over non-vegan cakes on any taste contest. With this recipe in my arsenal, I decided to bake and decorate a Valentine’s Day themed cake for my wife using cake decorating roses. Why allow professional cake decorators to have all the fun? Anyone can learn how to decorate a cake and with practice learn to decorate a cake that rivals that of professionals, even learn the use of cake decorating roses. No matter for what occasion, you can decorate your cake to fit it. A hand decorated cake makes such an impact and is instantly more personal and heart-felt than a cake you simply purchased. Also the real fun is personalizing a cake and making it your own, being creative and seeing what you can create.

For me, it was definitely the latter. A conscious decision to try to make things better. After years of trying to work at my marriage and remaining miserable and unfulfilled, on New Year’s Eve 2004, I vowed that I would find myself a lover who could meet my needs. I began to understand that an affair with a single man held equally as many problems, just of a different kind. This was a man who wanted more than to be the equivalent of my ‘mistress’. He didn’t want to be fitted in when I was available. He wanted all of me and a proper committed relationship with a future together. What I really needed was to have an affair with a married man who understood the rules. That there would be emotional attachment, but that this would in no way impinge upon the feelings that either party had for their spouse. That this was totally separate from that relationship.

Something special happens when you combine great taste and pure art. Living with a custom cake designer has allowed me to view first hand the creative process of the perfect cake creation. Let me tell you what I’ve noticed as “official cake taster”. Do not start a project until you have found it, it is the source from which you draw the energy and creativity. Without it you are just “making a cake” and your client may as well go to a grocery store and pay half the price. Many professional cake artists will turn down a cake order if the necessary inspiration is lacking. Turning down an order may seem harsh but no one deserves an uninspired, half-hearted effort for their wedding, birthday or other special occasion. Once you find the inspiration the creative juices will start to flow and the initial idea will start to blossom into a true work of art.


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