Do Not Give Too Much Fried Food To Your Child

16 Feb

I think all the children in the world love the fried potatoes and all the fried food . But we must know that fried food is harmful to our health,not only to the children but also to the older,we all need to eat it as little as possible.Fried Food
Delicious Light Crunchy Fried Food We all know that deep frying is the process of cooking food by submerging it in hot oil or fat. Frying is a very fast cooking process due to the high temperatures involved and completely dry since no water is involved. But how do electric deep fryers cook food? What makes our food so crispy and light and what causes some fried food to be greasy and soggy if cooked improperly?

Okay, the science behind deep frying is this. Any moisture inside the food is converted to steam as soon as the food is added to the hot oil. This steam pushes against the hot oil and as it does this, causes bubles in the surface of the food . This is what causes fried food to be light and crunchy.

Now if you continue to cook the food in your Electric Deep Fryer until all the moisture is gone, then you’ll start to get greasy and soggy food. As soon as the water runs out, there’s nothing pushing against the oil to keep it out of your food and all the oil will seep in. This can also happen if your oil is not hot enough to cause the moisture inside of your food to turn into water vapor.

So now you know, the secret to perfect fried food is to only fry as long as necessary and to set your Electric Deep Fryer to a temperature of 345-375 degrees Fahrenheit or 175-190 degrees Celsius.


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