Sweet Whoopie Pies

13 Mar

The whoopie pies were perfect to represent the black-and-white theme of The Artist. Luckily, my second try was a big, fat (literally) success. And, as it turns out, I picked a great dessert for the night.Whoopie piesIt all starts with a cake mix which is always a fabulous way to begin in my book.  The filling is make with butter, cream cheese, and marshmallow fluff – a deadly but delicious triple combination.  Not only is the filling orange in color, but it also has a light orange flavor thanks to a little orange extract.  If you don’t have the orange extract, just use some vanilla extract in it’s place.  Then you create a simple spider web with a powder sugar glaze.  I also purchased spider rings to add to the whoopie pies.  I just cut off the ring part and set them on top of the cookie.

The other day I overheard a woman talking to her husband about how excited she was that whoopie pies have become popular recently because she loves them. It made me realize it had been too long since I last made a batch of whoopie pies. Usually I don’t like things that have a more cakey texture. I prefer my cookies to be chewy and my brownies to be fudgey. However, for some reason the texture of a whoopie pie just makes me smile and I actually find myself craving it. It’s slightly chewy around the edges but soft and cakey throughout. Not to mention it’s filled high with luscious frosting. Spiderweb-Whoopie-PiesRecently the whoopie pie has become gentrified with the cake rounds being made in pumpkin, ginger, blueberry, chocolate chip, and other flavors and the fillings similarly varied and refined. A short while ago the New York Times featured an article on tony whoopie pies claiming that they were the new cupcake (cup cakes, for your information, having been very trendy for the last two years or so.)

Orcutt cited other state desserts: Massachusetts, for example, has claimed Boston Crème Pie and the chocolate chip cookie both. He gave credit to Ashland High School Youth in Government who practiced legislative skills by writing a bill proposing whoopie pies as the state dessert.

Orcutt encouraged Baldacci to pass the legislation in time to announce it on June 26 which is Whoopie Pie Day in Dover-Foxcroft. Orcutt told the Governor that Maine ought to be known for other food than lobsters.

Whoopie pies are traditionally two rounds of chocolate sponge cake with a vanilla filling made either of sweetened vegetable shortening (that is, Crisco) or a marshmallow based concoction. Their point of origin is in dispute, with Pennsylvania a strong contender but they were adopted in Maine early in the 20th century for no apparent reason and consequently many nostalgic vacationers have fond memories of whoopie pie filled summers in Maine.

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