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Pay Attention To Your Seafood Safety

27 Jun

Seafood is so necessary in our lives, it is so nutritive, if you’re like most health-conscious people, you’re probably eating more fish every day. But you may also be getting something in your seafood that’s not so welcome, contaminants. So seafood safety always causes the top attention all over the world.

Though seafood violations varied depending on the different inspection systems used across countries, the Hopkins researchers found that shrimp and prawns, overall, exceeded drug residue limits most frequently. Other problematic imported seafood included crab, basa (a type of catfish), eel, and tilapia, most or all likely farmed. Of all countries, Vietnam had the most drug violations, followed by China and then other countries in Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia.


Antibiotics, antifungals, and antiparasitics, as well as pesticides and disinfectants, are often used in fish farming to control diseases that can spread rampantly in crowded conditions. While routine exposure to such substances can pose a risk to aquaculture workers, the health effects of chronic low-level exposure in fish eaters are not fully known. At the very least, widespread use of antibiotics in aquaculture can contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and cause important antibiotic drugs to become ineffective in people.

Contaminants in seafood are not limited to just farmed fish from developing countries. For example, as reported in a well-publicized study in Science in 2004, farmed salmon from Europe had the most PCBs and other potentially harmful industrial pollutants, while Chilean farmed salmon had less, which shows that problems in aquaculture occur in the developed world, too. (Changes in feeding practices in recent years may be reducing that problem.) And larger wild-caught fish, such as swordfish, have high levels of mercury, which can impair the nervous systems of developing fetuses, infants, and young children.

If you are care about your seafood safety very much, you need to vary your seafood choices to minimize overexposing yourself to any particular contaminants they may contain. It’s okay to eat some farmed salmon, but perhaps not every week. Wild salmon is always a good option—and most canned salmon is wild (and cheap).

Buy from a local fishmonger who has been in business for a while, buys direct from distributors, and can answer specific questions about the fish. Despite the good intentions of the COOL regulations, there is little oversight, so going to a trusted source is a better bet for getting high-quality fish.

Seafood Is One Of Natural Best Choices

15 Jun

With the start of the New Year, many of us have decided to focus on a healthier diet. One of the biggest challenges most people face when trying to eat healthy is dining out. A fixture in South California for over forty years, Gladstones Restaurant offers up some of the area’s best seafood. Seafood is one of nature’s best choices when it comes to eating healthy.

Experts generally agree that seafood has a myriad of nutritional benefits. Seafood is chock full of omega-3 fatty acids and is believed to help protect against several diseases including heart disease and cancer. On top of those benefits, seafood and the omega-3’s they contain can also protect your immune system and they contain an anti-inflammatory agent.


With the knowledge that seafood is a good choice for healthy eating, you can examine some of the menu choices found at Gladstones. The restaurant has a raw bar where you can choose from oysters, shrimp, and crab to start your meal. While boosting your immune system, you can look out over the surf while seated on the grand patio and be sure that you are consuming the freshest seafood available. The menu offers a variety of selections for your main course, from classic menu dishes to sandwiches, pastas and soups. For that romantic evening with a loved one, you can select from several shared plate options. If you are in need of choices that are lower in calories, you won’t be disappointed in the choices available.

With a commitment to health, you can also enjoy some of the red wines available. Enjoyed in moderation, wine has been shown to offer up some health benefits as well. For calorie counters, white wines usually have fewer calories than red wines. There is more than an ample selection of wine choices available at Gladstones.

Dessert doesn’t have to be skipped just because you’ve decided to eat a healthier diet. True, Gladstones offers up some decadent choices, but there are other desserts available that aren’t diet busters. Try sampling the strawberry shortcake topped with fresh strawberries. You can also share some key lime tarts with your dining companion.

The California Salmon Salad is a wise choice for meeting your omega-3 nutritional requirements, and your caloric requirements. The salad contains grilled salmon and fresh salad vegetables tossed with a citrus and red wine vinaigrette. If salmon isn’t your style, try sampling the garlic shrimp tacos.