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Create Healthy Children Meals For Your Baby

2 Nov

It may feel like an impossible task, but there are some simple ways to come up with some healthy children meals that actually taste good too. The key is to get them involved in the process, teach them healthy habits early on, and to use ingredients or recipes that they like. You do want to cater it to your child’s tastes a bit, but in the end you may need to also get a bit creative. That’s what parenting is all about!

Kids want food that looks good and tastes good. It also helps if the meal is fun in any way as that’s an instant way to get them interested. If the foods that you present to them tastes good and peaks their interest, then they are sure to gobble it down. So while it may seem like an impossible task, you just might be surprised at how well the meals that you prepare can entice your kids and help them to eat healthier.

First and foremost get your kids involved in learning about proper nutrition early on. Teach them how some foods are treats while others are to be enjoyed anytime. This will not only help them to develop good habits, but help them to turn away from foods that aren’t good for them. Also let them watch you in the kitchen from an early age and turn each meal into a learning opportunity.

Children Meals

When they get old enough let them help you to pick out recipes and ingredients that they like. When they’re old enough (usually 8+) put them in charge of dinner one night a week where they get to pick the recipes from a trusted source. You just might be surprised with what they pick. Let them help you with chopping up the vegetables and putting the meal together. If they are a part of the process then they are more likely to eat what they have made.

Healthy children meals also have to center around their favorite foods and dishes. So they can still enjoy pizza, but may need to help in making their own. Try a whole wheat crust, low fat mozzarella, chicken or lean ham, and then let them pick all of the vegetables that they want for a healthy and delicious pizza.

Healthy Children Meal

Search out healthy alternatives for favorites like macaroni and cheese. Use low fat milk and cheese, cut down on the butter, and even consider adding in some ground up carrots or butternut squash. They get some real nutritional value and they won’t even realize the differences. Healthy children meals have to incorporate their favorites in a creative and sometimes subtle way, then they never realize that they are missing out on anything!

Kids love color on their plates so really capitalize on this idea. Add in some colorful fruits and vegetables to keep things interesting. Try introducing a new one each week or present them in a fun way like making faces out of them. Kids also love to dip things so create a fun yogurt dip for fruit sticks. Put out hummus with vegetables for a healthy dip that ties in well to dinner.

Make “sushi” at home using cucumber, cream cheese, and some grated carrots so that you roll them up to make them yummy and healthy. The key to healthy children meals is to get creative, use color, and above all make it fun. If you can incorporate these elements and allow them to be a part of the process, then they will opt for healthy choices that taste good and that are good for them. A true win-win for both parent and child!