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5 Best Summer Fruits You Can Grill To Please Your Sweet Tooth

23 Aug


Summer season is at its peak and there is absolutely no dearth of fresh summer produce out there. Be it veggies or fruits, there are various summer delights available during this time of the year that can be experimented with in numerous ways. How about tossing up your favourite summer fruits on the grill? The coal fire will caramelise the natural sugar in the fruit, bringing out the best of flavours, giving it an exotic touch. The aromatic and juicy taste of caramelised fruits is undoubtedly heavenly and is also a healthier alternative to those high-calorie sweet dishes.

Here is a list of 5 summer fruits that can be used to make delectable grilled desserts:

1.Grilled Pineapple
This tropical fruit is an incredibly delicious fruit that offers incredible health benefits at the same time. While there is no denying the fact that pineapple is an immensely versatile fruit, you can now introduce the goodness of pineapple to desserts as well. Just brush those pineapple slices with some honey or brown sugar, and grease the barbecue grill with some olive or canola oil and toast it for a few minutes. Grilled pineapple is ready to be served. You can try sprinkling some cinnamon powder over it to enhance its flavours. This dish can be served as is or with a scoop of ice-cream as well.

2.Grilled Peaches
Grilled peaches make for a delicious yet simple dessert. Grilling brings out the intensified sweet taste of the fruit and takes less time in getting cooked as well. You can grill peaches with both peels on or off. Cut them into two pieces and brush them with some oil. Then grill them for a few minutes and sprinkle some cinnamon or cocoa powder. You can also try drizzling some raw honey and yoghurt over the dessert.

3.Grilled Bananas
To begin with, cut the bananas lengthwise into two halves. Don’t remove the peel, grease it with a little oil and grill it for few minutes. Now, brush a little honey and sprinkle some cinnamon over it and grill it again for another few minutes until the banana gets tender. You can serve it as is or pair it with a scoop of vanilla or butterscotch ice-cream.

4.Grilled Watermelon
Watermelon is one of the most relished summer fruits. It’s available in abundance during summers and is loved by kids and adults alike. Ever thought of grilling this summer delight? Grilled watermelon tastes great and is quite appealing to the eyes as well. Cut the watermelon into half-circular slices, and grease them with some olive oil. Place it over the grill. You can sprinkle some sugar crystals and drizzle some rose syrup over the slices as well. Garnish it with some fresh mint leaves and your delightful dessert is ready to serve.

5. Grilled Mangoes
Summers and mangoes are synonymous to each other. Let’s give an interesting makeover to everyone’s favourite summer fruit by tossing it up on the grill. Slice up the mangoes in two pieces, brush the juicy pulp with some oil and grill it for a few minutes until slightly roasted. You can try squeezing a little lime juice over it as well.