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Improve food safety of meat market

19 Oct

“With the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act looming over the food industry, CO2 Fresh-Pads can help companies looking for ways to demonstrate how they are taking steps to improve food safety while at the same time improving their bottom line.” – Barney Seward, President, JS Food Brokers LLC.

CO2 Fresh-Pads, provide a 100% natural safety advantage by gradually releasing CO2 in a controlled atmosphere, which displaces Oxygen and Ethylene to retard bacteria growth from 20%-50%+ on perishable items, resulting in a safer fresher end product for the consumer. CO2 Fresh-Pads are being used by meat plants, food processors, restaurants, retail grocery and wholesale businesses to help them extend the shelf-life of perishable foods and enabling them to offer their customers a higher quality product, while reducing mark-downs, early pulls and discards.

“Major meat processing plants in Arizona and Colorado are now using the CO2 pads in ground beef, poultry and seafood to retard bacteria growth and extend shelf-life.

“One of Colorado’s oldest produce companies now uses CO2 pads in all of their sliced and diced produce including tomatoes, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and green, red and gold peppers to retard bacteria growth, maintain freshness, reduce purge and give their customers a safer product.” – said Seward

Recent scientific testing has been completed by a major Texas chicken processor that provides high-end products to some of the top 10 restaurants and fast food chains across North America. Testing was completed by an ACIL/ASM independent laboratory showing chicken breasts packaged with CO2 pads have an average of 35% less Aerobic Plate Counts (APC) at day 7, 8, 9 and 13 than compared with the same product without using CO2 pads.



Ate a warm slice of banana bread and meat

17 Oct

Meal planners are another great benefit of some whole foods locations websites. These planners are intended to help consumers create healthy meals for their entire family. Recipes and shopping lists can be created from the meal planners which are usually available in PDF format for easy printing. Nutritional guides are also on many of these websites and provides a comprehensive break down of the nutritional value of different types of produce, meats and grains.

Brochures, pamphlets and easy to understand food guides can be found at larger whole foods locations. This type of reading material can be very beneficial for individuals who are on strict diets like gluten-free or even diabetic diets. These booklets contain information on products that are safe to eat as well as ingredient and nutritional facts of these items,check them out at your local whole foods locations.

The bread looked very enticing! I kept walking past it and then gave in to my temptation. I just couldn’t wait for my husband and child to return home, so I sat down and ate a warm slice of banana bread, washed down with a glass of apple cider and it was pure bliss! This gluten-free banana bread is moist and flavorful. It makes a great snack or dessert and it can also be served for breakfast with some fresh fruit. My toddler loved it too. He was grinning from ear to ear when I served him the bread. And my husband was grinning, too!

This recipe is easy, delicious, economical and gluten free. Not to mention, it is fantastic for this time of year! And now that Halloween is approaching, I am inspired to try some gluten-free pumpkin bread.

So I guess I answered my own question. I have discovered that gluten-free desserts can be utterly fabulous and I can’t wait to try more. Do you know of any gluten-free pumpkin bread recipes or other gluten-free goodies?