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Do You Love Quan Ju De Roast Duck

11 Aug

Quan Ju De Roast Duck, is listed as the head of the Beijing specialty with its cortex crisp, tender meat , bright color, fragrance and other features.

Quan Ju De Roast Duck has a long history. Quan Ju De Roast Duck is baked with hanging furnace and specified fire of fruit. The mature time of Duck is about 45 minutes. The finished product is characterized by: Freshly baked duck has crispy cortex, meat is tender, and with elegant fragrance of the fruit.The Duck’ body is full form of abundance, and the body date was uniformly red, shiny moisturizing. Eating Quan Ju De Roast Duck with lotus leaf cake, Onions, sauce, you can get endless aftertaste.

Beijing Quan Ju De Roast Duck is becoming a fine representative of duck, because it has the following three features:

Quanjude Roast Duck Beijing1. It has a high-quality raw materials Beijing duck

Beijing duck has good varieties, full body, muscle tenderness, a layer of fat. In early years, Quan Ju De has its own special duck house, and when the child duck purchased from outside, they feed ducks themselves. But now Quan Ju De signed purchase and sale contract with the threat posed of Beijing Suburb, and guide the threat posed by the quality standard feeding of Quanjude.

2. Its advanced processing equipment

They have their own dedicated production line for blank Ducks. The cooking team is strong and skilled. Old technician are experienced chefs and new assessment are well trained.

3. The finished is flavor

Duck look plump, color is maroon, light oily, crispy cortex, external focus and tender inside, taste delicious, delicious but not tired.

So how nutrition Quanjude roast duck then?

According to the scientific determination of the relevant departments, Quan Ju De Roast Duck contains protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, minerals and other nutrients.

Enjoyment Of Your Taste:Bejing Roast Duck

23 Apr

Beijing Roast DuckRoast duck alty of Chinese Cuisine. Though Roast Duck is available in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world, they simply cannot beat the flavor and aroma of the grilled in China.

Beijing roast duck, roasted, clear furnace (ie hanging furnace) and stew two laws. Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant features, is to use the hanging oven baking method, which is from the Qing imperial court room hung oven roasted suckling pig with a special method of transplant. The baked duck, shiny gold ce color, but in addition Suxiang tender, do not have a special delicious flavor. The so-called “stew stove” is a kind of hearth, furnace body is brick, about the size of about one meter square. The production method was first introduced from the south of Beijing, is characterized by “duck not see fire,” is from the furnace and a hot charcoal grill stew of the furnace wall. More tender taste furnace duck stew some duck juice also significantly more abundant and full more. And eat roast duck, is the first to be cut as thin knife, with the poker best lotus leaf cake coated with sweet soybean paste, and then put onion, garlic, duck strips, roll and eat, very fragrant beauty.

Cloisonne, also known as “fetal copper filigree enamel, “is a unique combination of ceramic arts and crafts copper. Cloisonne copper production system with a first child, followed by craftsmen in the above painting, and then copper in the copper body drawn on the basis of design patterns stick out, and then glaze with enamel colors embedded in different patterns, the last and then by repeated Sintering, polished gold-plated made. The production of both the use of cloisonne bronze and porcelain technology, but also integrated into the traditional art of hand painting and sculpture, called a master of Chinese traditional handicraft. This copper enamel was founded in the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years, due to start-up with just the blue, hence the name cloisonne. Modern Cloisonne has become a craft name, rather than color.

The art of roasting ducks evolved from techniques used to prepare sucking pigs. For more than a century, specialized chefs have developed the idea that the skin of the duck should be so soft and crisp that it melts in the mouth. In applying the traditional method of preparation, the chefs at Quanjude pay particular attention to the quality of the duck, the auxiliary ingredients and the type of wood burned in the oven. Special farms supply plump Beijing ducks weighing an average of 2.5 kilograms each. The two famous Beijing condiment shops, Liubiju and Tianyuan, supply the dark tangy bean sauce spread on the pancakes. The fragrant sesame oil and refined sugar are also specially selected. Finally, only the wood of fruit trees such as date, peach and pear are used in the roasting process to give the meat its unique fragrance.

To satisfy the growing demand for roast duck and with an eye on the profits to be made from a good name, many restaurants opened from a good name, many restaurants opened under the Bianyifang name. In fact, in 1926, nine roast duck restaurants in Beijing carried this name. In the late 1960s the Bianyifang Restaurant’s name was changed to the Chongwenmen Roast Duck Restaurant, but in 1979 it resumed its former title. Its menu includes more than 20 traditional duck dishes, including the Four Delicacies: wing and web, liver, heart and pancreas.

I hope you will enjoy the delicacy of the Roasted Duck on your next visit to Peking. But don’t forget to practice dealing with chopsticks before you enter Quanjude. However, tips for the service are not necessary in Chinese restaurants, although a pair of chopsticks is.

Tasty Beijing Roast Duck

26 Nov

When I talk about this particular Chinese food, I want to tell you something about its cooking method. In terms of its cooking method, there are two types. For one method, the duck is cooked in a hung oven. The most famous restaurant which represents it is Quanjude. For the other one, the duck is cooked in a closed oven, which is represented by the restaurant of Bianyifang. You can find these two restaurants in Beijing easily.The first one is popular with those madams and misses who once lived in the old buildings of Beijing. They ate neither shallot nor garlic. They ate it by dipping the crisp and tender duck skin into sugar.

The second one is to eat it with some sweet bean sauce and spring onions. First, you take some sauce with chopsticks and spread them on a piece of pancake. Then put a slice of duck and some spring onions on the pancake. Finally wrap up the cake and eat it.The third one is to eat it with some mashed garlic and sweet bean sauce. Mashed garlic can remove oily feeling effectively. You can dip a slice of duck in mashed garlic and sweet bean sauce to eat. The taste is very particular, which is favored by many customers. Usually, the roast duck is cut into one hundred and twenty slices before being served to customers. First, a special sauce is brushed onto some small thin pancakes. Then thin slices of green onion, garlic sauce and duck slices are placed on the pancake. Finally it is wrapped and eaten. If one feels this method is not to their liking, they can simply dip the duck slices into white sugar and then eat it.

Discard wing tips and neck. Transfer apricots to bowl. Pour pan juices into medium saucepan and spoon off fat. Add the thyme sprig and boil until juices are reduced to 1 1/4 cups and thickened slightly, stirring occasionally, about 7-8 minutes. Return apricots to juices to rewarm and season with salt and pepper.Duck cooked this was said to be crisp and golden brown with tender and tasty meat. After the Qing came to power they changed the method of duck cooking to suspending the ducks over a flame in an open oven. These two traditional methods of cooking duck are the foundations of the two modern methods of cooking Beijing Duck.All because Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon kept returning to China for more duck. Just imagine how different history would be if the Havana Cigar had the same effect on US politicians!