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8 Of Our Best Recipes For Garlic Lovers To Try

26 Nov

There are two or three ingredients that get wonderfully assimilated in the kitchens and palates of regions around the world and garlic is one of them. One of the most widely used flavour-enhancers by various global cuisines, garlic is essentially an underground root bulb, similar to onions, leeks and shallots. Did you know that it is also one of the oldest cultivated plants by humans? This is probably another reason for garlic’s widespread appeal and its indispensable nature, when it comes to cooking a wide variety of dishes. One can recognise the smell of garlic from quite a distance, due to its uniquely pungent aroma that is quite strong. But not everyone loves this versatile underground vegetable. Some people may crinkle their noses if their dishes turn out to be too ‘garlicky’.
But if you are anything like us, you could probably vouch for the delicious transformation that even a little bit of garlic can bring about in a dish. Although not everyone may find the taste and flavour of garlic desirable and tasty, it sure comes with a whole range of health benefits as well. This is why a number of ancient medicinal systems revere garlic and include it in a number of home remedies for big and small ailments. Strictly from a cooking point of view though, garlic has been a highly-valued commodity that is used in both fresh and dried forms in kitchens around the world.

Best Garlic Recipes

There are a number of classic garlic dishes that the world has come to love and if you’re someone who loves the smell and taste of garlic then you’ll love what we have in store for you- eight of our best, most-loved garlic recipes to try!

From fried rice to garlic bread, our recipes make the best of garlic’s delicious pungency, making this unassuming ingredient shine on:

1. Egg and Garlic Fried Rice Recipe
One of the most dependable weekend indulgence, this egg and garlic fried rice is both comforting and delicious. Make this for friends for a weekend get-together and enjoy with a side of sautéed vegetables and meat or a generous helping of the spicy Sichuan sauce.

2. Garlic Prawns Recipe
This dish is so delicious, you won’t believe how incredibly easy it is to make! All you need to do is marinate your de-shelled prawns in a garlic marinade and then cook them in sesame oil, till they’re well done.

3. Soya Garlic Chicken Recipe
A delicious Main, this soya garlic chicken is sure to satiate your cravings for some Indian-style Chinese food. A relatively simple recipe, this one will fit in well at a sumptuous family dinner as well as a quiet weekend meal for two.

4. Garlic Lamb Chops Recipe
You may want to reserve this one for a slightly fancier occasion. You can fool your guests into thinking you are a pro-chef by making this simple, yet delicious red meat dish that is sure to leave anyone impressed.

5. Chilli Garlic Wings Recipe
This recipe is for the time you have to prepare for a game night at your house. All you need to do is prepare a simple garlic-flavoured batter for your wings, marinate them in the batter and then deep-fry and serve fresh off the wok!

6. Chilli Garlic Fish Recipe
Another beloved protein that garlic can be best buds with is fish. This recipe is cooked with boneless basa that is marinated in a yummy marinade of tahini, garlic, chili, etc., and then grilled till the fish is cooked through.

7. Mushrooms In Hot Garlic Sauce Recipe
A delicious vegetarian Main, mushrooms in hot garlic sauce makes for a great curry for when you need a break from the regular lentil curries. It’s easy to prepare and tastes great with both rice and flatbreads.

8. Multi-Grain Garlic Bread Recipe
Arguably one of the best all-occasion appetisers, garlic bread is loved by almost everyone. The delicious crisp bread, topped with baked cheese and crushed garlic cloves is irresistible.

How To Cook Garlic Soup

7 Jan

Garlic Soup How to prepare Garlic Soup Recipe? Here’s a garlicky version of French onion soup: all the onions are replaced by garlic and shallots. Double or triple the recipe for larger meals or servings. It makes 4 servings. Follow the directions:



•4 garlic heads
•8 medium shallots, peeled
•3 tablespoons olive oil
•4 cups (1 quart) beef broth
•1⁄4 cup brandy orCognac
•2 teaspoons stemmed thyme
•1 teaspoon salt
•1⁄2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
•4 ouncesGruyere or Emmentaler

1.Position the rack in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to400°F.
2.Slice 1⁄2 inch or so off the top of the garlic heads so that all the cloves are exposed. Place them on a sheet of aluminum foil, drizzle with 11⁄2 tablespoons olive oil, and seal the packet closed. Roast in the oven until the cloves are as soft as room temperature butter, about 40 minutes.
3.At the same time, place the shallots in a small, shallow baking dish; drizzle with the remaining 11⁄2 tablespoons olive oil; and roast until browned, caramelized, and softened, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes.
4.Remove both the garlic and shallots from the oven; cool at room temperature for 15 minutes.
5.Squeeze the soft pulp out of the garlic heads and into a large saucepan. Roughly chop the shallots and add them to the pan. Stir in the broth, brandy orCognac, thyme, salt, and pepper. Set the pan over the heat and bring to a simmer.
6.Cover, reduce the heat to low, and simmer slowly for 45 minutes to blend and soften the flavors. To serve, grate about an ounce of cheese into each of the bowls. Ladle the soup over the cheese.
Variations: Substitute dry sherry, dry vermouth, dry Madeira, dryMarsala, or red wine for the brandy. Rub several baguette rounds with olive oil, then toast them until crunchy. Place in the bowls, then grate the cheese over them; ladle the soup around and over the rounds.

Garlic Broth: Simmer the soup as directed, then strain it through a fine-mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth or a large coffee filter into a medium pot. Reheat over low heat, then serve with or without the cheese.