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Do You Love Quan Ju De Roast Duck

11 Aug

Quan Ju De Roast Duck, is listed as the head of the Beijing specialty with its cortex crisp, tender meat , bright color, fragrance and other features.

Quan Ju De Roast Duck has a long history. Quan Ju De Roast Duck is baked with hanging furnace and specified fire of fruit. The mature time of Duck is about 45 minutes. The finished product is characterized by: Freshly baked duck has crispy cortex, meat is tender, and with elegant fragrance of the fruit.The Duck’ body is full form of abundance, and the body date was uniformly red, shiny moisturizing. Eating Quan Ju De Roast Duck with lotus leaf cake, Onions, sauce, you can get endless aftertaste.

Beijing Quan Ju De Roast Duck is becoming a fine representative of duck, because it has the following three features:

Quanjude Roast Duck Beijing1. It has a high-quality raw materials Beijing duck

Beijing duck has good varieties, full body, muscle tenderness, a layer of fat. In early years, Quan Ju De has its own special duck house, and when the child duck purchased from outside, they feed ducks themselves. But now Quan Ju De signed purchase and sale contract with the threat posed of Beijing Suburb, and guide the threat posed by the quality standard feeding of Quanjude.

2. Its advanced processing equipment

They have their own dedicated production line for blank Ducks. The cooking team is strong and skilled. Old technician are experienced chefs and new assessment are well trained.

3. The finished is flavor

Duck look plump, color is maroon, light oily, crispy cortex, external focus and tender inside, taste delicious, delicious but not tired.

So how nutrition Quanjude roast duck then?

According to the scientific determination of the relevant departments, Quan Ju De Roast Duck contains protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, minerals and other nutrients.