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Conventionally produced food

29 Sep

You might not be able to afford a regular diet of organic foods. If so, try picking and choosing your organic purchases. A study by the Environmental Working Group of 43 fruits and vegetables shows that you can reduce your pesticide exposure from produce by up to 90 percent by avoiding the twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated instead. Will your purchases make a difference? Yes. The reason organic foods are now the fastest-growing sector of the food industry is that consumers have shown that they want it.

There is no other way to promote this concept than by buying it and encouraging others to do the same.Are organic foods always the best choice? Are organic foods safer for us to eat? Yes. Unlike conventionally produced food, you to no synthetic pesticides or growth hormones. Many of these substances have been proven to cause cancer, birth defects and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems in animal studies (although at higher levels than commonly found in food). What has not been studied yet is whether or not exposure to low levels of these substances may also have adverse health effects. In the absence of this information, the best course of action is not to expose yourself to chemicals designed and proven to kill other life forms.

If something happened and you were not able to get anything to eat from the store how would you feed yourself and your family? Well the only answer to that question is to have food reserves. Stocking up on food is putting aside food that is made to be stored for when times are hard and food is not available or money does not buy. These things may not seem possible to you but they are.

This is especially true for children, as their developing body systems put them at much greater risk of harm than adults. Are organic foods worth the extra money? Yes, in the sense that you really do get extra value in the form of safer food that is better for the environment. No. Conventional food that is grown close to you may be a better choice than organic foods grown 1,000 miles away. Why? Because transporting food a short distance causes much less global warming pollution. That local farm is also preserving open space in your area and contributing to your local economy.